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Tokyo Sky Tree photo Tokyo Japan:

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Tokyo Sky Tree

This time, i tried to see Tokyo Sky Tree (formerly known as New Tokyo Tower).
The Tokyo Sky Tree is currently the tallest tower(634metres) in the world, and scheduled to be completed by December 2011, and the public opening is going to be on 22 May 2012.

The closest JR station is Kinshi-Cho station on Sobu-Line.

You can see the Sky Tree from Kinshi-Cho platform.
and it will be 20 minutes walk from this station to get there.

If you don't walk to the Sky Tree, you can take Hanzomon-Line (Tokyo Metro), from Kinshi-Cho to Oshiage station (one stop away from Kinshi-Cho).

Once you get there it is easy to see the Sky Tree, it's really high and big.
it's really hard to take a picture of it from top to bottom.

This was taken from right under the tower.
you can walk around the tower and try to take it from many angles.

the top of the tower.

it is already 634m.

i also made some joke pictures.
if you come to Japan and take pictures of Tokyo Sky Tree, please try it too.

I was just trying to pick up the sky tree.

I also tried to flick the sky tree.

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