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Sendai Miyagi Japan photo Gyutan (Cow's tongue):

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Sendai Area

You might heard about Sendai because earthquake hit here on March 11th 2011.
I'm in Sendai for my business trip, and this is my third time to visit here.

Today is June 25th and looks like around Sendai city area became back to normalafter the terrible earthquake shock.

But sometimes(like 2times a day) I felt earthquake was coming, so maybe the aftershock is still going on.
I hope no more big earthquakes happens here any more.

so, today let me explain about Sendai area a little.

This is right in front of Sendai station.

and I went to observatory on top of AER building.(a building 2minutes walk from Sendai station)

they have really high elevator and cool scenery, so if you visit Sendai I recommend you to visit here.
you can look down really tall buildings.

↓west side of the city
they have Loft(big store), Yamada Denki(electricity store), Big shopping street, subway station, etc.

looks like west side is more popular to hang around.

↓east side of the city
they have Bivi(movie theater, Subway sandwich), Yodobashi camera(camera and electricity store), etc.

Back to the west side.
this is the big shopping street. they also have drinking party restaurants too.
many Japanese people like drinking party a lot.

Loft (big store)
Loft has a big book store and CD&DVD store, and so much stuffs.

about the food, Gyu-tan (Cow's tongue) is really popular in Sendai.
this is really chewy part of the cow's meet, so your jaw must be strong and chew many times to swallow the meet, but it is really tastey.

the softer part of the tongue meet is more expensive, so if you worry about your jaw, you should order the more expensive part.
it is softer and tender.

↓this is the expensive part.

↓this(top left) is normal part.
if they like softer part or not is depends on the person's taste bud.

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