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Sendai Kokubuncho Miyagi Japan photo (Drinking party town):

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Kokubuncho Area (two stations away from Sendai)

In Japan, most of the business people like to go to drinking parties almost every weekends, even students go drinking parties too.

Looks like so many people like drinking party, because being in Japanese society is really stressful.
everyday they are suppressing their stress and trying to perform nice and calm.

compare to western people, Japanese people are really good at hiding their emotions, usually they don't show their emotions.
i don't know the reason but this is something that they inherited from ancestry.

Because of these surppressing stress management in this society, they need to release their stress on weekends.

i think usually drinking parties are place to have fun and meet new people.

of course they do that (fun drinking party) in Japan, but some parties(like 30% of the drinking parties) are for complaining of something (like about job, coworkers, or the boss, even about family).

for these reasons, there are so many drinking party places which are called "Izakaya" (Japanese style bar) in Japan.

so this time, let me introduce drinking districts in Sendai(Japan).

I guess the most famous Izakaya district is "Kabuki-Cho" in Shinjuku in Tokyo,
but of course in Sendai, they have similar drinking streets (called "Kokubun-Cho").

You can get to Kokubun-Cho from "Koutoudai-Kouen(勾当台公園) station" on Sendai subway line.

What i see here, it looked like they have 3 sections on Kokubuncho area.

the first one is "sutudents area". there are so many younger generation and drinking places are kind of cheaper style like "Nomi-houdai (all you can drink style)".

the second one is "business people area".
in this area, things looked little more expensive !

since these pictures were taken on Saturday, this district didn't seem to be crowded. But when I came here Friday night, this area was really crowded with business people and almost all drinking places were occupied.

we spent one hour on finding a place to drink on Friday night.

the third area is "Pinkish area".
this means hostess club places.

people who wants to get women's attention are willing to pay big money to make women sit next to them and talk or chat while they drink, or even more.

in this area, what suprised me were flower shops.
I think these are for men who's trying to impress woman.
if things go really well, you might find serious love.

good luck !

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