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Kappa Sushi Sushi Shinkansen (Bullet Train) photo Japan:

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A New Sushi Delivery (Shinkansen(Bullet Train) style)

We ate at "Kappa-zushi (sushi)" and let me explain relatively new delivery style at the Sushi restaurant.

A Shinkansen(Bullet Train) delivery style.

this is the outside of Kappa-zushi.

They have Sushi rotating lane and Bullet Train lane on top of it.
of course you can pick up these sushi from the rotating lane.

But this time let me talk about the Shinkansen(Bullet Train) delivery.
to use the Bullet Train delivery, you have to order through the ordering touch pad.
each table has this touch pad order system.

you can choose sushi from the list and press the picture.

then you can choose how many you order and with or without Wasabi.
わさび入り:with Wasabi
わさび抜き:without Wasabi

Once you decided, you press ordering button on the bottom right.
注文する:to order

while you are waiting for your sushi, you can get green tea.
each table also has this tea system.
when you press the black part with your cup, hot water will come out.

put ocha(green tea) powder into the water and mix it, then you can get green tea.

when the sushi is coming, the red blinking light is going to blink.
then the sushi is going to come with Shinkansen(Bullet Train) to your table.

after you take your sushi out of the Bullet train, you press the red light button.
then the bullet train will go back to where they came from.

you can eat fresh tasty sushi.

since sushi restaurants are kind of family restaurant in Japan, you can get fruit juice at sushi restaurant.

you can even get Maple Pancakes here.

after you eat these sushi, you should stack these plates up.
they count the number of these plates later.

when you finish eating, you press check button on the top right.

after they count the plates, they will give you the bill.
you bring this to casher to pay.

the New Sushi Delivery system is cool and makes it quick.
if you can come to Japan, please try the Bullet Train Sushi.

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