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Profile (Takashi YAMAMURA, Scary Wife):

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■Name:Takashi YAMAMURA
■Blood Type:AB
■Occupation:Engineer of semi conductor industry
■Hobby:Waching DVD, Touching ipod, Studying English
■Motto:Your effort is your deposit.
■Sports:=Soccer, Boxing (already retired)


1985 July 24th

 born in Tokyo

2001 April
 became a public high school student in Tokyo,  and started boxing.

2004 April
 got into Sophia University
 (Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering)
 also became a member of Boxing Club and Kick Boxing circle.
 →interested in studing English because there were many exchange students fromabroad.

2005 July
 Went to Australia a month.
2007 August
 Stayed in LA six weeks.
 A magazine introduced my story of staying LA.


2007 November
 at Sophia's school festival I met an American Girl(now my scary wife).
↓the place we met (school's mail street)

 kind of first sight love, she looked cute and sweet.

2008 March
 went to CT (USA) to see her parents.

2008 April
 graduated and came into semi conductor industry.

2008 November
 Got married on paper.(haven't done actual celemony yet)
 so many culture differences but managing to live happily.

2010 April
 Decided to make this website.

2011 November
 Moved to NY US for my job.

Cute but scary wife

■Name:B Rod
■Blood Type:A
■From: U.S. CT
■Hobby:Read Manga, Watch TV, Jogging

Japanese Information TV Program introduced her to Japan.
(they teached her how to cook authentic Japanese food)
※2010.8.30(月) TV Asahi 16:53〜スーパーJチャンネル内 放送

Even this was her first time to cook authentic Japanese food, she did good job,
also thanks to ラッシャー板前さん's help and 中山桜甫先生's teach.

We cooked Authentic Japanese fish "Aji (Japanese jack mackerel)".


Asasyoryu-san, former "King of Sumo wrestleing".
i am a big fan of him, and still think he is the best Sumo wrestler ever.

↓↓I started to make Japanese Language/Culture video.
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There are also more information on Facebook too.

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