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Photo Gallery Dresden Germany2:

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Dresden Germany experience

there are many tram lines in this area.

i tried one to get to central Dresden city.
i took line number 3.

inside of the tram.

tram line map.

they have this navigation screen on the ceiling.

the central city of Dresden.
i guess the big building on the left is the famous church in this area.

i found this right next to the church, but i could not understand what this was for.
i could not read Germany which explains this stuff.

the city is big, fancy, and interesting.

restaurant street.
almost all the people were drinking beer which dinner.

there were Segway tours around this area.
this looked fun. i want to try this next time.

let me introduce one thing which is different from US.
it is about gas station.

they don't payment machine on each station.
in here, you put gas into car and remember the station number.

then go inside the station store and tell them the station number.
then you pay for the gas.
so don't run away after you put gas into your car.
you have to pay after.

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