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Photo Gallery American Museum of Natural History1:

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Huge museum in NYC, right next to the Central Park (west side)

we visited the American Museum of Natural History.
it has basement to 4th floor, and they have so many sections of natural history.
it is a really big museum.

this museum is right next to the Cantral Park (west side).

the 1st floor was Space and Universe section.
they have many stuffs about the Solar system, planets, the moon, etc.

it seems like i am 55 pounds on Mars.

this is the Earth section.

they have this earthquake scale.
actually this day we went to this museum was March 11th 2012, one year anniversary of Japan's huge earthquake.

even though one year has past, there are so many earthquakes right close to Japan.
i hope no more big earthquake happens to Japan.

↓thedinosaurs era of the earth

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