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Photo Gallery Empire State Building2 NY:

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one of the most popular tourism places in the world

the night time view was really beautiful.
you can enjoy this building twice, day time and night time.
if you go up around 4 or 5 o'clock and stay there more than 2 hours, i think you can enjoy both view with only one visit.

north direction.
Chrysler Building in the center.

South Direction.

East direction.
car lights back to back in the night is very beautiful when you see it from the top.

West direction.

Northwest direction.
Times Square on the left side.

i tried to zoom the "drop ball".

i got "big apple" snow globe and the memory picture for souvenir.

↓day time view imaginary tour.

携帯版 英会話とっさのひとこと辞典

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