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Japanese food photo how to cook Cup Yakisoba:

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one of a Japanese traditional noodles, Yaki-soba(baked noodle)

this type of packages are called Cup Yaki-soba.
basically, "Yaki-soba" means baked noodle.

even though we don't bake noodle with this package(we use boiled water), we still call these "Cup Yaki-soba".

once you open the cover, it has instruction on the lid.

first, you open the lid and take out the packs of sauce, mayonnaise, dry vegetable, etc.

then, you open dry vegetable pack and put it on the noodle.
and pour boiled water in, and close the lid and wait like 2-3mins for the noodle to get soft and loose.

this time, make sure you DON'T put sauce nor mayonnaise, etc.
after this, once the noodle got soft and loose, we throw away the water.
so, if you put those at this timing, it means you lose the sauce and mayonnaise.
please be careful.

after you wait, you open this water drain hole and pour away the water.

after you throw away the water, you put the rest of packs.
sauce, mayonnaise and spice or etc.

then you mix everything together, and finally you are ready to eat.

the part you have to be careful is the time you pour the boiled water.
make sure DON'T put sauce nor mayonnaise, etc.
even Japanese people, sometimes make mistake carelessly.

once you can cook these Cup Yaki-soba, it is really tasty.
please try if you have opportunity.

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