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Japanese food photo how to open an Onigiri package:

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cool Japanese invention, Onigiri package keep seaweed crunchy

this is a Onigiri (Rice ball) package.
even though we call it rice BALL, it has triangle shape.

this Onigiri package is a great invention from Onigiri culture.

usually Onigiri (Rice ball) is covered with seaweed.
but rice contains water and if the seaweed stays on rice long time, it absorb the water from rice and lose the crunchiness.

then people thought the way to keep rice and seaweed separately and put together right before when they eat so that they can eat the seaweed with its still crunchy.

in this package, there are films between rice and seaweed so they are not touching each other. (seaweed can stay crunchy)

this picture shows how to open the package.

first, pull the top and rip the package all the way till its backside.

second, and third,
once you ripped the package all around, you pull and remove the films side by side.
at this timing, the seaweed touches rice for the first time.

then, you wrap the seaweed nicely and you can start eating.

some people like eating Onigiri with soft and wet seaweed.
in that case, you can wait about 10mins, so seaweed can absorb water from rice.

if you've never opened this type of package, it may be confusing for your first time.
but once you get used to it, it helps you to eat tasty Onigiri with crunchy seaweed.
please try it when you come to Japan.

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