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Japanese food photo how to eat Natto in Japan:

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Japanese traditional sticky soybeans, Natto

Today, we got a Natto package at a Japanese grocery store.
Natto (なっとう(納豆)) is a traditional Japanese food made from soybeans fermented with Bacillus subtilis.
It is popular especially as a breakfast food.

usually one package of Natto has two or three packs of Natto.

when you open a pack, you can see covered Natto and sauce and Karashi(yellow spice) in the pack.

open the cover and put the sauce on Natto.
i personally don't like spice, so i don't put it in.

mix the Natto and sauce.
as you mix it, it gets strings and sticky more and more.
if you like the stickiness, you can mix a lot of times.
this is it for Natto part.

cook rice with rice cooker or anything.
and put rice into a bowl.

pour the Natto onto the rice.

then this is called "Natto Gohan (Natto Rice)" in Japan.

Natto has very specific texture and stickiness.
may be difficult to get used to it at your first time, but it has vital source of  nutrition such as protein, and very healthy.

please try this if you have courage and oppotunity.

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