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Japanese Culture

Japanese Noodle photo how to cook Udon Noodle:

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Our favorite Japanese Noodle

this Udon restaurant is called はなまるうどん(Hanamaru Udon).

these are ぶっかけうどん(Bukkake Udon) and fried octopus.
they put halfway boiled egg and shredded long onion on Udon noodle.

these top left ones are Cup Udon.

once you open the cover, you can see Udon noodle, Aburaage(fried tofu), powder soup, liquid soup.

1, put only noodle into the cup.
2, pour boiled water and loosen up the noodle.
3, pour away the water through the holes of silver inner cover.
4, take away the silver inner cover and put other ingridients.
5, pour fresh hot water.

then, you can get hot tasty Udon.

also the other simple way to eat Udon.
they sell Udon noodle like this package.

you open the package, boil it, put it into cold water to make it cold and throw away the water.

then you can dip the noodle and eat.
it is simple but really tasty.

depends on the restaurant, noodle brand, district, there are many kinds of Udon. chewy udon, soft udon, thick udon, thin udon.
whenever you come to Japan, please try Udon noodle.

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