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Japanese Culture

Japanese Sake Culture photo Izakaya Traditional Bar:

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Izakaya (Japanese traditional bar)

we tried a traditional drinking bar (which is called Izakaya in Japan).
this one is seafood Izakaya in Shinkoiwa Tokyo.

usually they have several types of seats.
for example, Counter type, Table type, Koshitsu(one room) type.

Counter type is for single or couple customers.
Table type is for couple or group (about 4 persons) customers.
Koshitsu type is for a group like more than 10 people.

these are beer and grape cocktail.

this is Tai fish (red snapper)

this is Aji (horse mackerel)

Maguro (Tuna) Sushi
pink part is more fat part, and red one is more lean part.

pickled Kyuri (cucumber)

pickled Nasu (egg plant)

when you come to Japan, please experience this cool atmosphere of Izakaya.

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