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Japanese Culture

Fashion Capital Harajuku Tokyo Japan photo2:

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The Fashion Capital Harajuku (back street)

right in front of the station.

since it was Sunday, the Takeshita street (the main shopping street) was really crowded.

so, we tried back street which was not so crowded.

a Kimono and Yukata store.
Japanese traditional cloth, we wear those for summur festival.

even on the back street, you can find many interesting and beautiful stuffs here.

this is on Omotesando street, the outside of the store was beautiful.
i think this is a juwelry store.

this is called Cat Street.
kind of back street, if you keep going street, you can get to Shibuya area.

on the Cat street, there was a big store called KIDDY LAND.

i still remember i played with these toys all day when i was a child.
this is called "Plarail", toy of trains.

we went to a cafe, it's also on the Omotesando street.
they have really tasty cake, B Rod's recommendation.

actually this was really tasty.
a cheese cake.

after we got the cake, we walked to Shibuya area.
on the way there, we saw really cool things.

shoes with Super Mario.
Licensed by NINTENDO.

↓JCI10 Harajuku (main streets)

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