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Ginza Tokyo Japan photo (Sony Building showroom):

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high technology showroom at SONY building

the Sony building.
it is on the crossing of Hrumi street and Sotobori street.
this is tall building, so i think you can see it from a distance.

there is a Sony Aquarium in front of the building.

you can see so many fishes in this aquarium.

there are so many 3D TVs.

if you see this through the 3D glasses, it is very beautiful.

cameras from sony.

computers from sony.

please let me show another electrical appliance store in Yurakucho.
it is about 15 minutes walk from Ginza area.

this is called Big Camera.
this is right next to Yurakucho station on JR line.

even it says "Big Camere", they have not only cameras but also every electric stuffs. (TV, cellphone, rice cooker, computer, etc)

3D TV here was beautiful.

JCI22 Ginza :shopping street.

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