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Japanese Culture

Ginza Tokyo Japan photo (Mitsukoshi, abercrombie & fitch)F

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the most expensive real estate propaty in Japan, Ginza

the area close to Yurakucho station on JR line.
there are many tall buildings.

the Ginza area.
you can see Sony building. they have sony show room in the building.
«the Sony building showroom's pictures

the most popular shopping street of Ginza.
Ginza Dori (Chuo Dori (Central street)).

Mitsukoshi Department store.

super expensive cafe on the 2nd floor of the Mitsukoshi, but really tasty.

an expensive scene through the window.
we ate here last year.

Matsuzakaya department store.

H & M

Abercrombie & Fitch

‚Æ‚ç‚â (Toraya), a traditional Japanese snack(Wagashi) store.

JCI22' Ginza2 FSony building showroom.

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