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(East) Shinjuku Kabuki-cho Tokyo Japan weekend photo (Drinking party city):

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The East area of Shinjuku. A city without sleep.

this was Friday evening (about 19:15).
after their job, everybody comes to Shinjuku to meet up with their friends.
at this time Shinjuku is one of the most crowded places in the world.

ringh inside of the east gate.
everyboday's rushing to go out.

right out of the gate.
many people are waiting for their friends.

upstairs of the east exit.
also really crowded this time here.

upstairs east exit from another angle.

in front of studio ALTA.

walking downhill to the Kabuki-Cho area.
it's like human river, you never be able to go against the flow.

entrance of Kabuki-Cho

little inside of Kabuki-Cho
you can find so many guys and girls with colorful hair here.

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