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Kaiten Zushi (Rotating Sushi) in Suidoubashi Tokyo Japan:

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our favorite Kaiten(Rotating) Sushi restaurant

this a JR line station called "Suidobashi".

west exit.

Suidobashi is famous for Tokyo Dome for baseball or any kind of sports events.
there is also Tokyo Dome city for shopping, theme park and hot spring.

we love this Kaiten (rotating) sushi restaurant in front of the station (west side).

there are many sushi plates rotating on the rail.

each plate has different price.
be careful not to pick up too expensive plate.

let me introduce some sushi.

Maguro (tuna)

Aji (horse mackerel)

tsubu gai (Whelk)

Awabi (abalone)

Hamachi (yellowtail)

Aburi (baked) salmon

Tamago (egg)

after you ate, you should stack plates with each design.
so it is easir for the staff to count your price.

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