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Japanese Jello Snack Fruiche (How to make photo):

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one of my favorite snacks "Fruiche"

all you need is Fruiche package, milk, spoon, and a cup which can measure.

this is the Fruiche package.
we have many tastes of Fruiche. i usually eat Peach taste or Blueberry taste.

the back of the package.
if you see the picture, it is kind of self explanatory,
but please let me explain how to make it.

this is the milk.
please use normal milk. low fat milk is not proper for this.

pour 200ml of milk into the cup.

open the Fruiche package.
and pour it into the cup too.

it has pieces of the fruit too.
so please do not waste it.

at this point, this is still watery.

if you mix it about 2 or 3 minutes, it's going to be jelly-like.

then it is done.

you can enjoy sweet Fruiche.
please try Fruiche when you come to Japan.

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