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Japanese Culture

Japanese Moe (Loving cute girls) Culture in Akihabara Tokyo:

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Anime, Idol, Maid Cafe, and Electric world Akihabara

Akihabera is a city of Anime, Idol and Maid, Computer.

the main street of Akihabara.

First of all, AKB48 is from Akihabara.

Every idol store has AKB48 section, and the funs are all over the places.
sometimes you can see the funs who are exchanging AKB pictures or dancing AKB48 musics .

now that, AKB48 is a symbol of Japan, so you may be able to say Akihabara is a symbol of Japan.

another famous thing is Maid Cafe.
they are handing the brochure of their cafe everywhere.

we got a brochure and tried the cafe.

if it's your first time to visit there, it will be 1500yen for each person (90mins).

they are friendly and nice, but you can not take picture of them.
if you want take picture with them, you have to pay extra money (1000yen).

also Akihabara is a capital of Anime.
there are so many kind of anime.
you can find anime store anywhere too.

Akihabara is also famous for being electric city.
this is Yodobashi-Akiba. right next to the station.
it is huge store. they have not only electric stuff but also souveniors from Japan, CD&DVD, books, or anything.

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